Gun Shop's Political Sign Offends Locals (Video)

Mackey's Landing Firearms in Jamesville, North Carolina, has left passersby and patrons with no doubt which way they’ll be voting in 2016 (video below).

An electronic sign outside the gun shop reads: “Life's a b**ch! Let's not elect one! Republican, because not everyone can be on welfare,” Fox 46 reported.

Though the gun shop says their sign is an expression of freedom of speech, some community members are unhappy.

“It was just very shocking to see it,” Melanie Harris, a school bus driver whose route to Jamesville Elementary School takes her past the sign, told WNCT.  “Love your guns. Love your message. Probably wouldn’t choose that vocabulary.”

Betty Owens, who lives across the street, hopes the sign can be a teaching moment for parents.

“To not use [the expletive],” Owens said. “That’d be a good teaching that they could use.”

Sources: WNCT, Fox 46 / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Dawn Leslie/YouTube


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