Gun Sellers Urge Purchases Before Washington State Background Check Passes


Initiative 594 is a Washington State ballot measure that would close the so-called “gun show loophole" and require gun sellers to do criminal background checks of buyers at gun shows and online customers.

Initiative 594 had a 2-1 lead in a recent KCTS-TV poll.

“We are seeing widespread support for Initiative 594 for background checks across the state," Matt Barreto, a University of Washington political scientist, told "While support is highest in the Puget Sound region which traditionally leans left, it also has majority support in Eastern Washington."

Initiative 591, which is supported by the National Rifle Association, would block Washington State from enacting Initiative 594, if it passes. According to The Olympian, support for the pro-gun Initiative 591 is at 39 percent. notes that gun sellers are drumming the fear factor of Initiative 594 in their

This 308 assault rifle is so much fun and can shoot through a cinder block. Not a lot out there like this for this price. Get your guns now before initiative 594 gets you.

Vote no 594
And yes 591

Yep... let the the price gouging begin. Since you lazy mutts aren't doing anything to stop the sheep from being bought with big money and 594 is going to be the real deal, I figured I'd better CASH IN while I can.

According to The Center for American Progress: "The rate of law enforcement officers murdered with guns in Washington state was 27 percent higher than the national average between 2003 and 2012."

Sources: The Center for American Progress,,, The Olympian,, KCTS-TV


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