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Gun Sales Skyrocket in February

Gun sales continue to increase -- more background checks were requested in February than in any other month except for last December.

The FBI reports that gun sellers asked for 1,749,903 background checks last month, up nearly 400,000 from January and behind December's 1,862,327 as the most ever in a single month. Virtually every background check results in a gun sale.

Many observers say the prospect of President Obama being re-elected is spurring the sales spike. Gun sales skyrocketed just after he was elected in November 2008 and we are apparently seeing the same thing again.

"We're at the top of the roller coaster and we're about to plummet down the side," DeWayne Irwin, owner of a gun shop in Texas told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "It's fixing to happen again. I don't know if it will be to the same extent it was before, but I see it coming.

Obama has not addressed gun control thus far in his presidency, but conservatives fear a second-term Obama who doesn't have to worry about re-election would unleash his inner liberal and severely crack down on gun ownership.

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