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Gun Safety Lesson: Gun Left in Car, 3-Year-Old Boy Shoots Self Dead

A tragic story out of South Carolina, where a little boy was left in a car with a gun -- he picked up the gun and fatally shot himself in the head.

According to a report from, the mother and boyfriend of three-year-old Everett Tanner Avant had just left the car Saturday morning when they heard a shot.

"The investigation so far revealed that the child was inside a vehicle, with his mother and her boyfriend nearby, when he found a pistol which was inadvertently left there," said Horry County Police Lt. Raul Denis.

Everett was pronounced dead at the hospital. It is not clear if anyone will face charges.

Across town, the parents of another little boy who died in a similar fashion know what Everett's parents are going through.

"The situation yesterday, whenever we hear about it happening, it takes up back to losing Matthew and it just breaks our heart for that family. (They're) going to have to live with this," Mylissa Bellamy said.

Bellamy and her husband have become gun safety advocates, handing out some 1,500 free gun locks to firearm owners in the year since their son died.

"Kids are naturally curious about guns, whether they are raised with them or not. So all children need to be taught the basic rules about gun safety whether they are familiar with them or not," Bellamy said.

She added, "Children need to be protected. They're children. Children as young as three can pull that trigger."


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