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Gun Safety Instructor Accidentally Shoots Student During Class

Terry Dunlap, a 73-year-old gun safety instructor, accidentally shot one of his students during a lesson on Saturday at a Lancaster, Ohio shooting range.

Dunlap accidentally fired a .38 caliber bullet that ricocheted off a desk and hit Michael Piemonte, 26, in the arm.

"My wife was sitting just inches away from me. It could have easily hit her. I am thankful that it only ended up being in my arm, and didn’t hit my wife or individuals sitting at the desk behind me," Piemonte told The Columbus Dispatch.

Fortunately for Piemonte, there were several nurses also taking the gun class.

The nurses stabilized Piemonte until he was taken to the Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Piemonte was released hours later and said that Dunlop probably didn't know that the gun had a bullet in the chamber.

Police ruled the incident to be an accident.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


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