Gun Safety Ad Shows Kids Playing with Dildos (Video)

Two boys playing with dildos like swords in front of two shocked moms sounds like a scene from a bad sitcom or a typical sketch from "Saturday Night Live."

However, it's actually part of an ad (video below) entitled "Playthings" which is supposed to raise awareness about gun safety.

The ad was paid for by Evolve, an organization committed to reducing gun violence without advocating gun control.

The idea is that the two boys are playing with sex toys that they found inside one of the mom's homes, notes Uproxx.com.

The video, created by the McCann Erickson ad agency, ends with a voiceover stating: "If they find it, they’ll play with it. So always lock up your guns."

“It presents it in a way that's humorous,” Evolve co-founder Rebecca Bond told The Huffington Post. “It creates some levity for engaging someone in the conversation. When you start to talk about play things and how you secure those things … it’s an easier way into the conversation. You start to make people think.”

However, most gun owners tend to be conservative and may not be open to watching kids with dildos, regardless of the message.

Sources: Uproxx.com and The Huffington Post


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