Gun-Rights Supporters Concerned About Possible National Gun Registry


Gun-rights supporters continue to worry that a new gun bill could lead to the creation of a national registry despite myriad assurances that it won’t happen. The new gun proposal, which will be voted on as an amendment, would exempt personal gun sales between family members and expand background checks to cover Internet sales and transactions at gun shows.

The language used in the new legislation bars the new creation of any sort of national gun registry, according to Fox News. That has done little to ease the minds of conservatives.

"Once you get these lists out there, once you have a gun dealer keeping lists for lots of other people, the only way that works, frankly I think, is if you keep the paper," Sen. Roy Blunt said on Monday. "And if you keep the paper, eventually, somebody's going to ask for it."

Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Pat Toomey wrote the background check amendment. They insist that the creation of a registry is prohibited. According to the proposal, the Justice Department "may not consolidate or centralize the records" that is has about firearms possession or sales.

Sen. Charles Grassley is still distrustful of the proposal. He called recordkeeping a "step toward registration."

The current law, (sec. 103(i) of Public Law 103-159), reads like this:

“No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States may–

(1) require that any record or portion thereof generated by the system established under this section be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof; or

(2) use the system established under this section to establish any system for the registration of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions or dispositions, except with respect to persons, prohibited by section 922(g) or (n) of title 18, United States Code, or State law, from receiving a firearm.”

Sources: Fox News, The Foundry


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