Gun Rights Groups Organize "Guns Save Lives" Event On One-Year Anniversary Of Newton Tragedy


The massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT took place on December 14th, 2012. The shooting, in which 26 people — including several children — were killed by a lone gunman, was a tragic event that ultimately sparked a nation-wide debate about the country’s gun laws. 

Gun control advocates, including President Obama, used the tragedy as an example for the unnecessary violence that can occur when individuals have easy access to firearms, framing the event as a way to push gun control legislature.

Second amendment supporters, on the other hand, used the opportunity to claim that if any of the teachers or administrators in the school had been armed, they could’ve stopped the gunman more quickly than the police that eventually arrived on the scene. 

In order to further that argument, several gun rights advocates have organized a “Guns Save Lives Day” on December 14th, the one-year anniversary of the events in Newtown. “No one at Newtown should have been a victim and no one in the future should be victimized by laws that do not allow people to defend themselves,” the homepage of the event’s official site reads. 

The common pro-gun argument is that those seeking to commit acts of murder will find access to a gun somehow, even if the weapons are banned. The only way to be properly prepared to counteract a gunman, then, is to be armed yourself. By this Old-West-style logic, if everyone in the country is armed with a gun for protection, not as many will actually be harmed. 

Which side of the gun control debate is correct is impossible to determine. Armed teachers definitely could have stopped the attack more quickly than police forces, but more armed people might eventually lead to more unlawful or accidental use of weapons (especially in an elementary school). 

Regardless, gun rights advocates will be speaking their minds on the anniversary of the tragedy, and gun control advocates will likely have a response. Although the exact events of the day have not yet been released, they will not, thankfully, include “anything that’s insensitive whatsoever,” according to Gawker. 


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