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Gun Rights Advocates in Maryland Sue the State Over New Firearm Restrictions

Pro-gun advocates in Maryland announced that they would be filing a lawsuit to block new gun laws that would greatly prohibit certain aspects of gun ownership.

The new proposed law bans 45 types of assault weapons from being sold, limits handgun magazines to 10 rounds, and requires extensive background checks consisting of fingerprinting prior to getting a gun license. Gun rights advocates say that these laws are a violation of the Second Amendment, and the lawsuit will attempt to block the laws from passing on October 1st.

"The vast majority of Marylanders support these common-sense efforts to reduce gun violence," Maryland Governor’s office spokeswoman Samantha Kappalman said in a statement. "The new law will take effect on Tuesday, and it will make families safer."

Still, gun rights advocates say that it infringes on every American’s right to bear arms, and will not make anybody safer in the long run. Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. spokesman John Josselyn says he believes that it will actually protect people less if the laws are passed on Tuesday.

"Together we are drawing a line in the sand,” said Josselyn, “where Maryland's gun control agenda tramples the fundamental individual right to defend oneself and family in the home.”

The national debate on gun control has been heightened in the last year following multiple mass shootings, including the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 20 children, and more recently, the Navy Yard massacre in Washington, D.C.

Gun control advocates say that extensive background checks, ban on assault weapons, and magazine capacity limits are a common sense step towards cutting down gun violence, but gun rights advocates say that the Second Amendment right of the American people to bear arms and protect themselves should not be infringed upon.

If the Maryland lawsuit does not hold, the new gun restrictions are set to pass this Tuesday.


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