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Gun Rights Activist Adam Kokesh Arrested After Loading Shotgun in Capitol (Video)

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Libertarian and gun-rights activist Adam Kokesh was arrested and brought to court on Thursday morning for drug and gun charges after he published a Youtube video of himself loading a gun in front of the White House and Capitol building.

Though openly carrying firearms in the Capitol is illegal, Kokesh hoped to make a point that he would not “be intimidated and cower in submission to tyranny,” according to his Facebook page.

Nine days after Kokesh posted the video, federal government agents and local police raided his home.

Liz Delish, producer of Kokesh’s video podcast Adam vs. The Man, said there were two knocks on the door followed by a brief pause. Before anyone could answer the door, police broke it down with a battering ram.

A flash grenade was thrown into the foyer, followed by 30 to 40 police officers who piled in with lasers and body armor.

The adults were ordered into a small room and asked to give up their cell phones then handcuffed without being Mirandized.

Delish recalled that one officer purposely spilled water on her possessions, and one man was hit in the head for requesting to use the restroom.

“The police used every opportunity they could to rough us up,” Delish said.

Kokesh, who arrived handcuffed to court and in a wheelchair, refused to answer questions or identify himself.

Sources: Human Events, ABC News


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