Gun Range Set To Open Down The Street From Elementary School In South Carolina


Parents of children who will soon attend a new elementary school in Lancaster County, South Carolina are concerned about a gun range set to open up down the street from the school.

The school is under currently construction. News broke yesterday that the gun range will open less than a minute away from the school.

"I think it's beyond alarming," parent Jonathan Hardin told WBTV.  "It's always going to be in the back of our minds, ‘Is something going to happen?' I don't mean close to home, I mean in my front yard.”

Hardin isn’t the only parent who spoke out against the gun range.

"My issue is not with guns, it's with the proximity of the school," said James Burback.

"It seems insensitive and maybe a little bit irresponsible relative to school shootings that have gone on in recent years to have the ability to shoot and acquire guns in such a close proximity to a school,” parent John Challis added.

The gun range will be operated as a recreational facility, which allows it to be located as close to the school as it is. Lancaster County Schools Director of Safety Bryan Vaughn spoke to the media recently as well and defended the placement of the gun range. Vaughn says safety measures in place ensure the range will be a safe operation regardless of its proximity to the school.

"We feel as though an indoor range is a safe venture in majority of all cases," he said. 

Sources: WBTV, I4U


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