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Gun Range Claims Military Cannon Fired Safely After Hitting House 3 Miles Away (Video)

An artillery shell fired from a 105-mm howitzer cannon at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show hit a home three miles away in Wyandotte, Okla., on Saturday.

The 14 and a half-inch long artillery shell entered the home of Gene Kelley and caused three large holes, but did not injury anyone (video below).

"It's unbelievable," Kelley told KOAM TV. "Unless you were here to see it or see the pictures I've got, you would not believe how huge this thing is."

The military shell blew through the house's outside wall, hit the ceiling and hit another wall, while Kelley and his wife were home.

Mike Friend, Owner of Fast Machine Gun Shoot, where the gun show was held, insists the historic military weapon was fired safely at a downward angle.

"It was not on a level plane, but on a downward trend, pointed downhill in the bottom of a valley," Friend told KOAM TV. "For that thing to rise and go far northwest of the range, it's just unheard of."

"It's a freak accident because as far as the safety end of everything, we drill every one of our shooters before it ever begins," added Friend. "We have 30-45 minute drill."

Despite claims that the shell was fired safely, the cannon's owner is going to pay for the damages to Kelley's home.

"The people that bring these type of weapons need to think about whether it is really safe and an appropriate area to take a weapon of that magnitude and shoot it," stated Kelley.

A similar incident happened earlier this month in Franklin County, Ark., where a military cannon was fired by the Missouri Army National Guard during a training exercise at Fort Chaffee.

"I had a lot of damage to the roofs, to the siding, and holes and you could stick your fist into the brick," homeowner Bryan Martin told 5 News Online.

Fort Chaffee Commander Col. Ron Brazell said in a statement: “I am relieved no one was injured. Here at Fort Chaffee, safety is at the core of everything we do; as Arkansans who live and work in the surrounding communities, we are very passionate about ensuring this type of incident never happens again.”

Sources: KOAM TV and 5 News Online


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