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Gun Purchases Surge in Maryland Before Assault Weapons Ban in October

Gun owners in Maryland are buying up firearms as quickly as they can before the state's new gun control law takes effect on Oct. 1.

“It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before in the history of the Maryland State Police,” the law enforcement's spokesman Greg Shipley told CBS Washington D.C.

Shipley predicted that about 1,000 gun applications are coming in per day.

The new gun law will prohibit 45 kinds of assault weapons, restrict gun magazines to 10 bullets each and ban gun ownership for mentally ill people who have been involuntarily committed.

The new law also requires handgun buyers to get a state background check, including fingerprinting, in order to get a gun license.

As of last Friday, police are have processed more than half of 100,000 purchase applications. The reason for the rush is that citizens who submit purchase applications before Oct. 1 will not have to get a handgun qualification license.

As always, the hysteria around new gun laws benefits gun stores.

“I might sell one or two [AR-15 assault rifles] a month, and last month I probably sold 100,” said Frank Loane Sr., owner of Pasadena Pawn and Gun in Pasadena, Md.

Source: CBS Washington D.C.


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