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Gun Owners Stockpile Ammunition by the Crate in Nationwide Ammo Shortage

Promoting the idea that President Barack Obama is the best gun salesman of all time, looming national gun control legislation is pushing gun owners to buy ammunition faster than manufacturers can make it.

The Washington Post reports that retailers in New York have been setting up roped-off lines for gun owners, who arrive at opening time like some sort of Second Amendment-inspired Black Friday shopping spree. Many stores are restricting the number of ammunition boxes that each customer can buy.

Similarly, firearm distributors in North Carolina have reported that they are selling ammunition, “as fast as [they] can get it in.”

A quadruple whammy sparked this nationwide gun grab. Conservative gun rights advocates first worried about impending gun control legislation after Obama was reelected. Just a few months later, gun rights support took a serious blow after the Sandy Hook tragedy. And now, gun rights advocates feel even more threatened as the US government prepares for legislation that would require universal background checks and the United Nation’s Arm Trade Treaty.

To make matters worse, some gun rights proponents worry that the government has been hoarding bullets, which simultaneously lowers the supply and fuels the fears of those who want guns as a defense against overreaching government authority.

Many of these fears may be unfounded. Hornady, a prominent ammunition manufacturer centered in Nebraska, assures the public that less than five percent of their sales go towards government entities, and they have been running the production lines on some items 24 hours a day. The website states, "We are producing as much as we can; much more than last year, which was a lot more than the year before, etc. No one wants to ship more during this time than we do. We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience. We don't know when the situation will improve, so please bear with us a little longer.”

Bruce Martindale, a champion marksman from New York, adds that, all things considered, this isn’t terrible news for gun rights advocates. Gun sales are thriving and Americans everywhere are arming themselves in record numbers. He adds, “This is legitimate gun owners buying. I don’t think criminals are stockpiling.”

Sources: Washington Post, CNS News


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