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Gun Owners Go Into Road Rage, Shoot and Kill Each Other

A road rage incident between two gun owners in Ionia, Mich. turned into a shootout, which ultimately left both of them dead on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, the first driver was being tailed too closely by the second driver. Then the first driver pulled into a car wash parking lot, which the second driver did as well.

Witnesses claim the driver of the second car started firing shots and the first driver shot back in response.

During the shootout, Robert Taylor and James Pullum were both killed, notes WZZM 13.

Both men were law-abiding gun owners who had licenses to carry concealed weapons, say police.

Pullum had two passengers in his car, but they were not injured by the reckless gunfire.

Customers at a nearby laundromat found Taylor and Pullum laying on the ground and started performing CPR, but both gun owners were dead before authorities could take them to a hospital.

Source: WZZM 13


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