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Gun Owners of America Wants Teachers to Shoot Gunman, Not Hide Kids (Audio)

Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt said last week on the "VCY America’s Crosstalk" radio show that he'd rather a teacher save kids by shooting at a gunman than hide schoolchildren during a mass shooting.

According to, a caller on the radio show (audio below) stated, "When you see these stories on the news about teachers, and they’re saying they’re heroes because they’re running and hiding and locking doors and everything, and that’s supposed to be a heroic act. I think it’s sheer terror."

“I’d rather they be a hero with a good shot,” added Pratt, who has never been in a mass shooting incident himself.

Pratt also claimed that gun control was rational only for people who wanted to be dictators, ignoring the fact that numerous free countries have gun control and no dictator. Australia, the U.K. and Japan all have enacted strict gun laws, noted The New York Times, and all have seen gun-related deaths decrease.

“For those who are not thinking as totalitarians, gun control otherwise is not rational,” added Pratt (audio below). “Now, if you want to be dictator, gun control is very rational. Like Hitler said, we’d have to be crazy to let the conquered people have guns. And crazy is one thing I don’t think he was. So, he understood that, but we apparently can’t think even as clearly as that monster.”

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