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Gun Owners of America Roots for Bundy Militias Against US Gov. (Video)

Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt recently interviewed former Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which opposes much of the U.S. government's authority.

During the interview, Pratt hoped that the militias that surround Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada would also oppose U.S. federal agents elsewhere in the U.S., notes (video below).

“Hopefully, they are not going to be able to recover from this, because if there is anything at all similar, be it cows or a mine or cutting trees or anything of that sort where, typically in the West, those are the kind of situations where the feds think they got it all,” stated Pratt.

“It is time that, hopefully Bundy is going to be the encouragement, or maybe from the feds view the match in the gasoline, that redirects the way the federal government has been handling its unauthorized, unconstitutional, very poor stewardship of so much of the West,” claimed Pratt.

However, Pratt could not prove his claim about the "unconstitutional" stewardship of the West or cite any law in support of his statement.

Pratt and Mack also called for sheriffs in San Joaquin Valley, Calif. to ignore the federal government's rationing of water in the drought-laden region.

“Take 25 California sheriffs, walk up to that facility, and say, ‘Guess what boys, we got a court order. Turn on the water, and if you don’t, we will,'" imagined Mack. “That is exactly what it is going to take.”

Some militia groups have already been emboldened by Bundy's stand-off with the U.S. government.

One group in Utah planned to ride ATV vehicles on federally managed public land, which is rich in Native American artifacts, to protest the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for supposedly cheating them out of outdoor recreation, noted The Los Angeles Times.

Last week, two men with a handgun threatened the life of a government worker driving a BLM vehicle with a sign that read, “You need to die.”

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