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Gun Owners of America Applauds Armed Militia at Bundy Ranch (Video)

Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt applauded the armed militia that is defending Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has violated federal law for 20 years by allowing his cattle to graze on government land and not paying over $1 million in grazing fees. noted that Bundy has become a conservative hero for claiming that his family “has been using the land for generations” and refusing to obey the U.S. law.

One of the armed militia men, Richard Mack, recently said they had planned to use women as human shields last weekend when confronted by federal agents.

According to, Pratt told conservative Internet radio host Stan Solomon this week federal agents from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) were "hoping" for a "murderous act" last weekend when they were confronted by armed militia men (video below).

“Everybody came to realize that, 'Ooh, we can’t have another Waco, the people are prohibiting us from having another Waco,” stated Pratt.

Solomon then recalled the "goodness" of David Koresh's cult followers who shot at ATF federal agents in 1993 in Waco, Taxes.

Pratt then claimed, without any evidence, that the BLM was planning to bring in tanks in its dispute with Bundy in Bunkerville, Nev.

“What they were hoping obviously was that they could run tanks in like they did at Waco as a final, murderous act, but clearly that wasn’t going to be political possible in Bunkerville," said Pratt. “It’s interesting, the country you could in a way say it got started at Bunker Hill and it got a new injection of life at Bunkerville, Nevada.”

What Pratt failed to mention is that Koresh's Branch Davidians shot at ATF agents first, Koresh himself was accused of molesting children and the Branch Davidians refused to come out of their Waco compound for days after being served with a legal warrant.

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