Gun Owner Shoots, Kills Tiny Chihuahua Because He Felt 'Threatened' (Video)


An unidentified licensed gun owner in Detroit, Michigan, claims he felt threatened by a Chihuahua, so he shot and killed the tiny dog (video below).

A 14-year-old girl, whose name was not released, says that her neighbor killed the dog, named 'JoJo,' because he was making noise and was not on a leash, reports WJBK-TV.

The girl said that she had gone inside her home for a few minutes while JoJo ran free in the yard.

When she came back outside, the neighbor warned her to take the dog back in the house.

The neighbor then shot the dog after it wandered outside the teen's property, because he supposedly felt threatened by the Chihuahua when it ran up to him.

“When he saw my dog running out of the bushes, [he said], ‘I’m going to handle him myself,’ and then I guess my dog had run back up on him again, and he just shot him,” said the teen. “His life couldn’t have felt threatened at all by this little Chihuahua."

Police officers apparently agreed with the neighbor's story of self-defense and did not arrest him, reports

Michigan law does require dogs to be on leashes unless they are on their owners' property, but because the tiny pup left his owner's yard he was fair game to be shot.

"This was a little Chihuahua; he shot a Taco Bell dog. At what point could it have aggressed in such a way that you felt you had to go out and shoot it," Detroit Dog Rescue’s Dante Dasaro told WJBK-TV.

“This is a harsh reminder of responsibility. If the dog was just simply on a leash and simply was on a leash to go outside, you know, the owner would have better control. No matter how this played out it was an unfortunately situation, and it really shouldn’t have happened.”

Sources: WJBK-TV and


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