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Gun Owner with Permit Arrested Under "Bogus" Charges While Out of State

Jeremy Preston, 33, has a Tennessee CCW permit that allows him to carry his .40-caliber Glock. Before Preston drove to Delaware, he checked Delaware’s website for CCW reciprocity laws. Delaware has an agreement to honor Tennessee’s weapon permits, so naturally Preston thought it would be perfectly fine for him to carry a weapon across state lines.

Then why was Preston arrested with felony charges for carrying a concealed deadly weapon after he was pulled over by police for speeding?

During the incident, Preston immediately notified the officer who pulled him over that he had a gun in his glove compartment and then showed the officer his CCW permit. The officer confiscated the gun in order to run an investigation, wrote Preston a ticket for speeding, and sent him on his way. The next day, police phoned Preston to notify him that there was a warrant for his arrest and that he should turn himself in.

Apparently, Preston’s Tennessee license became invalid when he obtained a Delaware license. Preston argued that he had no idea that his license would be invalidated, adding that Tennessee officials never warned him that his permit had been cancelled. As far as Preston knew, he was working well within the law.

Preston did admit that he should have done more research, but he also points the finger at the state of Delaware for being unclear. "Give people the right guidance and please change the writeup on the website so people like myself might not try to interpret it themselves and face a gun charge and possible prison," he argued.

To make matters worse, Preston’s $100,000 job as an engineer at a nuclear power plant has been jeopardized. Preston can no longer set foot in the plant because of his felony charge, which means that he could lose his livelihood because of the arrest.

There are people arrested for gun crimes every day in America. Many of those arrests involve hardened criminals caught red-handed for using a gun illegally. Preston is a law-abiding citizen who has never been arrested before this incident, and who went out of his way to make sure that he working within the law. Does he really deserve jail time and a felony charge for believing what Delaware’s official website said about gun permits?

Source: USA Today


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