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Gun Owner Accidentally Shoots Self, Claims Gang Wearing Hoodies Shot Him

Wendell Docteur accidentally shot himself while riding a bicycle on May 3, but at the time told police he was shot by a gang of men wearing black hoodies over their faces.

Police were notified by a local hospital, which was treating Docteur for a gunshot wound to the right leg.

According to the Connecticut Post, Docteur also told police that the gang robbed him of his money, shot him and yelled, “North End, North End,” which is a neighborhood in Bridgeport, Conn.

However, Docteur was not able to explain to police why there was an exit bullet hole in his pants but not an entry hole.

He finally admitted on Thursday to police that the gun in his waistband had gone off and he had shot himself. The logic-challenged 22 year old was unable to tell police what happened to his handgun after the shooting.

Docteur now faces criminal charges of making a false statement, unlawful discharge of a firearm and failing to report a lost firearm.

Source: Connecticut Post, WTHN


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