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Gun Manufacturers Offered Free Land to Move to Missouri

Missouri citizens are leading a two-pronged strategy to lure gun manufacturers to the Show-Me State. Missouri lawmakers have been pushing some of the strongest gun rights laws in the country, and now a private citizen is offering a huge parcel of land for free to any gun manufacturer who moves to Missouri.

Called the “Move to Missouri” project, the campaign revolves around luring gun manufacturers like Beretta and Stag Arms who have become disenfranchised with their home states.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder explained: “Missouri has a well-earned reputation as a ‘gun-friendly’ state. I am proud to represent a state that values the Constitution and stands against the federal government’s attempts to infringe upon our 2nd and 10th Amendment rights. Through the efforts of Larry Pratt, Michael Evans and business leaders in the West Plains area, Missouri can send a clear message to out-of-state gun makers who face burdensome regulations, high taxes and restrictions on their products. That message is, ‘Move to Missouri.’”

Missouri lawmakers have put their bills where their mouths are, so to speak, by passing strong gun rights legislation. They’ve already given a first round approval of HB630, which would provide massive tax cuts to gun manufacturers in order to create more jobs. They also hope to follow in Kansas’ footsteps by passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would invalidate federal firearm restrictions.

As if that wasn’t already tempting enough, an unnamed businessman from West Plains, Mo., has offered a “no cost-lease to any gun manufacturer, accessory maker or distributor who will relocate to any one of three unique tracts of land the businessman owns.” The three land parcels range from six acres with railroad access to 100 acres. Gun manufacturers would be able to use the land for 20 years at no charge.

Other pro-gun legislators, like Utah Gov. Butch Otter, will have to step up their game. With massive tax cuts, strong gun control legislation and free land, Missouri may become the go-to state for gun manufacturers.

Source: America's Voice Now, The Daily Sheeple


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