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Gun Makers Urged to Move Away from States Passing New Gun Legislation

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As stricter gun control laws are being passed across the country, gun and ammunition manufacturers are being encouraged to move to states with more favorable regulations.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry claims his office sent out letters to 34 firearms and accessories manufacturers in other states wooing them to move to Texas.

State Sen. Craig Estes of Wichita Falls (R-Tex.) filed a bill adding incentives programs for gun manufactures to the Texas economic development statute.

“Gun manufacturers and people in that industry have been under attack by states who are threatening their Second Amendment rights,” Estes said. “We want them to realize that Texas is open for business and Texas is a gun-friendly state.”

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed bills this month banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds and requiring background checks for private and online gun sales. Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and ammunition magazines, said on its Facebook page that it would have "no choice" but to leave Colorado if the magazine bill was signed.

While Magpul has not announced where it would move, Facebook pages have popped up asking them to consider West Virginia, Alabama, or Texas. State Representative Tammie Wilson’s staff started a Facebook page titled “Magpul Industries – Alaska Wants You.”

Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault wrote a letter to the head of Magpul last week, stating he read reports of the new Colorado gun laws with “shock and disdain.”

"Though many feel the actions taken by your state government were appropriate, we in Alaska do not,” he added.

Virginia and West Virginia politicians are welcoming Beretta, if it decides to leave Maryland. A group of conservative Republicans in New Hampshire also sent letters to gun companies.

President of the Texas Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Marsha McCartney, stated that Texas was “a few election cycles away from passing laws like they did in Colorado.”

However, McCartney is not worried about gun manufactures moving to the state. “I’m sure they will follow the laws in Texas, just like all Texans will have to follow the federal laws,” McCartney said.

Sources: New York Times, Fox News


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