Gun-Maker Flies Large Gun Magazines into Colorado Ahead of Ban (Video)


Today gun magazines will be limited to 15 rounds in Colorado.

In response, the gun-maker Magpul flew in thousands of 20 and 30 assault rifle magazines via helicopter to a Colorado gun show, “Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival,” on Saturday (video below).

Magpul gave away 1,500 of the magazines and sold 18,500 magazines at a discount to fund a pro-gun organization called “Free Colorado," reports CBS Denver.

As the helicopter landed in Glendale, Colorado's Infinity Park, an announcer yelled: “This is freedom!”

“For those people that live in Denver we have 20 rounds available and for everybody else we have 30 rounds,” said Free Colorado spokeswoman Kelly Maher. “These magazines are largely used for target practice and hunting and for self-defense.”

Source: CBS Denver


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