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Gun Law Update - Check Out Pending Federal Legislation

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There are a number of pro-gun bills pending in Congress that require your attention and action.

S. 941/H.R. 2296-- the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reform and Firearms Modernization Act."This
bill would roll back unnecessary restrictions, correct errors, and
codify longstanding congressional policies in the firearms arena.These bipartisan bills are a vital step to modernize and improve BATFE operations.Of
highest importance, S. 941 and H.R. 2296 totally rewrite the system of
administrative penalties for licensed dealers, manufacturers and
importers of firearms.S. 941 and H.R. 2296 would allow
fines or license suspensions for less serious violations, while still
allowing license revocation for the kind of serious violations that
would block an investigation or put guns in the hands of criminals.
This will help prevent the all-too-common situations where BATFE has
revoked licenses for insignificant technical violations -- such as,
improper use of abbreviations, or filing records in the wrong order

For more information on S. 941/H.R. 2296, please click here.

To see if your Senators are a cosponsor of S. 941, please click here.

To see if your Representative is a cosponsor of H.R. 2296, please click here.

H.R. 197-- the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act." This
bill would allow any person with a valid carry permit or license issued
by a state, to carry a concealed firearm in any other state if the
permit holder meets certain criteria. In states that issue permits, a
state's laws governing where concealed firearms may be carried would
apply within its borders. In states that do not issue carry permits, a
federal standard would apply. The bill would not create a
federal licensing system; it would simply require the states to
recognize each other's carry permits, just as they recognize drivers'

For more information on H.R. 197, please click here.

To see if your Representative is a cosponsor of H.R. 197, please click here.

H.R. 442-- The "Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act."This
legislation would provide a 90-day amnesty period during which veterans
and their family members could register firearms acquired overseas
between June 26, 1934, and Oct. 31, 1968, without fear of prosecution.
Congress granted a limited amnesty in 1968, but most veterans did not
receive enough notice to participate.H.R. 442 would not apply to all firearms brought home by veterans.The only firearms that normally have to be registered at the federal level are those subject to the National Firearms Act (NFA).More
common trophies, such as bolt-action rifles or semi-automatic pistols,
need not be registered. Therefore, H.R. 442's proposed amnesty would
only apply to machineguns and other NFA firearms. (It also would not
apply to "destructive devices" such as bombs and grenades.)

For more information on H.R. 442, please click here.

To see if your Representative is a cosponsor of H.R. 442, please click here.

H.R. 1074 -- "The Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act."This bill would remove several antiquated and unnecessary restrictions imposed on interstate firearms business since 1968.The
bill would update certain procedures applicable to commerce in firearms
and remove certain Federal restrictions on interstate firearms

For more information on H.R. 1074, please click here.

To see if your Representative is a cosponsor of H.R. 1074, please click here.


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