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Gun Industry Partners with Video Game Companies, Blames Them for Sandy Hook School Shooting

During a speech last Friday, Wayne LaPierre, Exec. VP of the National Rifle Association, blamed gun laws, natural disasters and violent video games for the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Opposing Views previously reported that the NRA manufactures its own video games, a fact that LaPierre failed to mention. 

The ties between the video game industry and the gun industry goes even deeper, reports the New York Times.

Electronic Arts, the company behind the 'Medal of Honor Warfighter' video game series, launched a website with links to the catalogs of two major gun manufacturers: the McMillan Group, the maker of a high-powered sniper’s rifle, and Magpul, which sells high-capacity magazines for assault-style weapons.

Ryan Smith, who contributes to the Gameological Society, an online gaming magazine, told the New York Times: “It was almost like a virtual showroom for guns.”

After criticism mounted, Electronic Arts disabled the links and claimed it was unaware of the links ever being on their site.

Assault-style rifles made by Bushmaster Firearms, which Adam Lanza used in Newtown,  have appeared in 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.'

Video game companies license the images of real weapons from the gun industry, which is now blaming its gaming partners for the real life violence in Newtown, Connecticut.


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