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The Gun Guitar: Ted Nugent's Next Instrument?

Rocker Ted Nugent loves two things -- guns and music. So he would probably kill (no pun intended) to get his hands on one of these gun guitars. Problems though for the "Motor City Madman" -- there are only 17 of them in the world and they are actually supposed to be symbols of peace.

According to a report from, the United Nation's Office on Drugs and Crime commissioned the instruments as part of its worldwide peace program. Made from old AK-47s, they symbolize the alleged healing power of music.

"There is one such guitar in Berlin, one at the Unesco office in New York and one each in Brazil, Argentina and Vienna," said Colombian musician Cesar Lopez, who was given one of the guitars.

On Monday Lopez donated his guitar to the Gandhi memorial museum in India. He is in New Delhi to play at an arts festival.

"I will ask the museum to return the guitar for a day on Tuesday when I perform at the festival," he said.


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