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Gun-Free Zone App Identifies Businesses that Ban Guns (Video)

Gun owners now have a new gadget, the Gun-Free Zone app, that will tell them where their guns aren't welcome and what businesses to boycott in "gun-free zones" (video below).

The Gun-Free Zone app is available for iPhones, iPads and Android cell phones. The free app identifies the 20 nearest businesses as being firearm-friendly or gun-free.

"By having the app in everybody's hands, they can decide: If you feel strongly about the gun issue, vote with your wallet. Don't patronize this store, patronize this [other] store," app creator John Peden told KUTV-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"If my gun is not welcome in your store, my money is not welcome either," Peden boasted in an interview with

Of course, that would mean Peden and other gun owners would have to avoid emergency rooms, hospitals, schools, government buildings, churches, day care centers and airports.

"I'm sure that Piers Morgan will use it for the opposite reason," Peden said. "He's going to want to shop in all the gun free zones he can."

Peden admits that criminals might use his app to target victims in gun-free places, but claims such areas (like schools) are more dangerous places for law-abiding citizens, and therefore worth avoiding.

Peden did not mention that most gun murders are committed by family members or friends of the victim, according to the FBI. His app would do little to curb the homicidal tendencies of one's friends or family.

His hope is that every commercial business in America will be tagged by the app's users, who will crowd-source the data.



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