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Gun Advocates to Bring Weapons to Newtown Starbucks, Uproar Follows (Video)

Gun advocates are planning to bring their guns to a Starbucks (pictured) in Newtown, Connecticut tonight.

Newtown is where 20 children were killed by gunfire at the Sandy Hook elementary school in December 2012.

The gun owners are bringing their weapons as part of a nationwide  “Starbucks Appreciation Day" because the coffee chain allows customers to carry guns (video below).

A Facebook page has been created for “Starbucks Appreciation Day" and urges gun owners across the country to visit their local Starbucks with weapons: "We will thank starbucks (sic) for standing up for our right to bear arms by going there on Friday, August 9th."

Connecticut does have an open-carry law, however, not everyone is enthusiastic about the gun event less than a year after the mass murder, noted

“Our community is still healing and we find it reprehensible that they are picking Newtown to rally. It is disturbing to think that tomorrow night you and your children may be sitting in Starbucks when people carrying guns walk through the door," said David Ackert of the Newtown Action Alliance.

In response to the controversy, Starbucks spokesperson Zack Hutson told Fox CT: “We recognize that there is significant and genuine passion surrounding open carry weapon laws. Our long-standing approach to this topic remains unchanged. We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve, abiding by laws that permit open carry. Where these laws don’t exist, openly carrying weapons in our stores is prohibited,”

However, that's not entirely true. Starbucks' employees are not allowed to carry guns into work, regardless of local laws. Also, Starbucks bans guns from its corporate headquarters, reports

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense stated in a press release earlier this week that "Starbucks bans smoking within 25 feet of its stores in areas where smoking would otherwise be legal," but allows guns "despite several in-store shootings."

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