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Gun Advocate Openly Carries Assault Rifle, Furious When Police Question Him (Video)

Pro-gun advocate Nicholas Somberg celebrates what he calls "For Liberty Fridays" by standing in public and holding an assault rifle.

He also holds up Tea Party signs that read: "Don't Tread on Me" and "End the Fed."

Somberg told My Fox Detroit that he carries his assault rifle in public to "spread the message of liberty" (video below).

However, last Friday several citizens called 911 when they saw the armed Somberg at a neighborhood intersection in Lake Orion, Mich.

When a deputy from the Oakland County Sheriff's Department arrived, he told Somberg to drop his weapon because the officer felt it was aimed towards his direction.

Somberg recorded the encounter on video (below) and posted it on YouTube with various commentary.

"Don't point that rifle at me, okay? I don't want this to be a bad situation," the deputy politely states from his cruiser.

After eventually putting his gun down, Somberg yells at the officer to, "Get off my property."

The deputy informs Somberg that he is "scaring people," but Somberg replies, "I'm not scaring anyone," which he clearly is based on the numerous 911 calls.

Somberg falsely claims several times that he is on private property and so is the deputy, when they are both on public property.

More officers arrive and Somberg repeatedly lectures them on the U.S. Constitution and demands his gun back. He calls the deputy a "criminal" and the rest of the officers "scumbags."

In spite of the verbal abuse, the officers returned the assault rifle back to Somberg.

Source: My Fox Detroit


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