Gun Advocate Curses, Mocks Female Gun Safety Group (Video)


Rob Kinnison, a gun advocate who lives in Phoenix, Ariz., recently uploaded an angry video rant against the gun-safety group, Moms Demand Action.

In the expletive-filled video (below), Kinnison complains about Moms Demand Action launching a campaign to get Kroger grocery stores to ban firearms.

According to, Kinnison said: “I’m gonna send photos of Kroger, of me inside Kroger, outside Kroger, with my gun, inside Kroger ... and I’m going to send those photos to mothers demand … and I’m going to send them every f----- day until Moms Demand Action shuts the f---- up.”

At one point in the video, Kinnison advises the women to “put a d--- in your mouth and shut up.” reports that Kinnison, who refers to himself as a Christian, uses a Twitter page where he retweets racist anti-Obama tweets and a Facebook page where he stated his desire to place Moms Demand Action members in FEMA camps.

In another video (below) that Kinneson reportedly uploaded, he brags about carrying a gun into a Kroger grocery store.



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