Gumby Botches Armed Robbery, will Visit Pokey


A man dressed as the beloved claymation character Gumby tried to pull off an apparent armed robbery in California, but he was foiled by his own clumsy costume.

Surveillance video (below) shows the man walking into a 7-11 store in San Diego early Monday morning. He seems to be waving to the crowd, yet he was announcing his intention to rob the place, dammit.

Police said even the cashier thought it was a joke.

"Gumby said, 'You don't think it's a robbery? Let me show you my gun,'" San Diego Police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen said according to Reuters.

The man then tried to reach into his pocket for his apparent gun, but the costume made that maneuver difficult. Instead, he came out with 26 cents that he dropped on the floor.

Police said by this time his accomplice, who was dressed like a normal person, had left the store and was in the getaway minivan. He honked, and Gumby left the store without taking any money.

The clerk didn't know exactly what had just transpired, so he didn't call police. But when the store manager came in later in the morning and was told what happened, he made a report.

Hassan said police are treating this as an attempted robbery and not a prank and are still looking for Gumby and his partner.

Gumby and his talking orange horse Pokey were popular characters in the 1960s. Gumby experienced a comeback in the 1980s when Eddie Murphy portrayed him on "Saturday Night Live" as a demanding diva with his trademark phrase, "I'm Gumby, dammit!"


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