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Gulf War Veteran Michael Lewis Suing After Medical Marijuana Use Got His Children Taken Away

A couple in California has filed a lawsuit against police officers in Coronado, Calif., as well as local Health and Human Services officials.

Michael Lewis and Lauren Taylor had their children taken away from them and placed in foster care for nearly a year because of Lewis’s medical marijuana use. He was prescribed the drug to help manage migraines from post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from serving during the Gulf War.

After police received an anonymous tip that the couple was operating an illegal daycare operation and using marijuana in front of the children, officers raided the house.

They immediately debunked the daycare operation, but even after Lewis provided authorities with proof of his prescription, three days later, the couple’s children were taken away.

Now, Lewis and Taylor are suing and seeking punitive damages.

“Nonetheless, even though they knew Michael Lewis’s use of medical marijuana was completely legal in that he had obtained a medical marijuana recommendation after an evaluation from a licensed medical doctor, and that Lewis only used the marijuana outside the presence of the children and only for amelioration of pain,” reads the lawsuit, “these defendants seized and detained the children. They failed to conduct any independent investigation prior to seizing the children. Michael and Lauren were shocked, stunned, amazed and terrified.”

The couples tried for a year to get their children back, but were unsuccessful. They finally were given custody back, and they are now suing for a multitude of things, including invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, abduction of a child, infliction of emotional distress, and are seeking compensation for punitive damages. 


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