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Mom and 5 Kids Discover Adult Material Next to Children’s Books in Target

A South Jordan, Utah mother was a bit shocked to discover that directly next to the children’s books in her local Target store were issues of the certainly-not-for-children Sports Illustrated.

On the cover of the Sports Illustrated were three models wearing bikini bottoms, and nothing else.

“I found them to be inappropriate,” Ursula Porter said. “So I scooped [my kids] away quickly.”

“It wasn’t like we were looking for the magazine,” Porter says of herself and her five children. “The magazine was directly next to the children’s books.”

When she sought out the manager to ask about the inappropriate and perhaps accidental placement of the magazines, she received a further shock: the magazines were supposed to be there.

“They did tell me that the magazines are slotted to be there,” Porter recalls. “But the security manager agreed to move them for the time.”

Because vendors pay to have their magazines displayed in specific spots, the manager told Porter that the magazines would later be put back in the same spot, next to the children’s books.

Jayme Mudrow, Store Manager at Target in Jordan Landing, noted that the store is allowed to alter magazine placement “if we as a store team feel that they are inappropriate or if a guest brings something to our attention.”

Mudrow noted that she has moved the magazines, and will work with the vendor to find a more appropriate spot for them.

Porter has said that she has no problem with the store selling Sports Illustrated, but that she does not want her children to have access to the magazine.

“It’s also the right of a parent to protect their children from such images,” she said. “And I want to make sure that other children are not exposed to something that really they’re too young to see.”

The 2014 cover of the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue features three models – Chrissy Teigan, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge – in barely-clad bottoms, with their backs turned towards the camera.

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