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The Guardian Angel of Spotsylvania: Meet The 77-Year-Old Who's Helping His Community

Jim Duffy is a collector. Since the 40s, he has collected coins, but in more recent decades he’s been accumulating food, clothes and money for those in need.

Dubbed ‘The Guardian Angel of Spotsylvania,’ the 77-year-old Virginia resident, travels around the county every week, helping those in need. In addition to aiding the hungry, veterans and homeless shelters, he uses his own money to cover people’s utilities and other needs, like gas for the car, WTVR reported. He receives help from businesses and the congregation of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, who also donate cash and food to his cause.

“I’ll get out there and shout it to the world if I have to. He is a good man,” said Dorothy Washington of Fredericksburg, who Duffy has been helping for the last decade. “He helps everybody that needs help. All you have to do is call him and he will be there. That is what he does for me.”

Ann O’Brien agreed. “He is always there whenever anyone needs something. Always,” she said. “I think it is amazing that God has kept him going this long.”

Duffy’s wife of 52 years, Linda, is happy to encourage her husband’s passion for helping others. “It’s his whole purpose,” she said. “So it is a full time job. This goes on all of the time.”

Duffy won’t accept any compensation for his efforts, except a hug from those he’s helped.

Duffy’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. According to a Spotyslvania County press release, Duffy received the  Governor Spotswood Award for his good deeds more than five years ago. Still, he has some regrets.

“Most of the time you go into a poor, poor place you feel sad you can’t do more,” he said. Still, he said, he won’t stop until he’s dead.

Sources: WTVR, Spotsylvania County   Screenshot via WTVR


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