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Guam's Cockpit License Board Plans to Streamline Village Cockfighting (VIDEO)

Cockfighting is legal in Guam, although it is still a territory of the United States. In fact, licensing and anticipated taxation of legalized cockpits is figured into the budget as a means of financing various municipal services.

Cockpit licenses are issued for both Balentia and Amara cockpits. In Balentia fighting, the cocks are not equipped with knives. Amara cockfighting is that in which knives or sharp instruments are attached to the bird’s feet. The same operator/licensee may run either or both.

Many of the decisions on running the government of Guam are made by “Guamgovs,” the equivalent to U.S. Commissions or Boards. Jason Y. Rui, who has been appointed to the Cockpit License Board, also recently won the bid for casino concessions at the liberation carnival in Tiyan. He promised to serve as objectively as he could on both board. He is shown in the video below.

There are annual Village fiestas with the net proceeds of the cockfights going to the Municipal Planning Council of the Village where it is held. The Village or Vice Mayor is then to provide a report on the amount of the proceeds to the Department of Revenue and Taxation, so that the correct amount of revenue can be collected.

Mayor's council Vice-Chairman Sinajana and Mayor Robert Hoffman recently told senators at a public hearing that the mayors are considering ways to improve the regulation of cockfighting during village fiestas.

They plan to present an annual listing of villages and their village cockfights for approval as a whole by the Governor on an annual basis. Currently the Governor has to approve village fiesta cockfighting on a village-by village and month by month basis.

Another suggestion was to centralize the village cockfights. If it is centralized, then that certain weekend is dedicated to that village and we can invite other village cockfighters to come out and support them.

"And one key thing we can do on the regulation side is pay our four- percent and we make sure everything is in the up and up on that,” said Hoffman.

Mayor Hoffman then went a step further, stating that this would also eliminate building cockfight domes in each village, and it would reduce the illegal backyard, unsanctioned cockfights (where no taxes are paid).

Source: Pacific News Center


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