Gruesome Halloween Display Spooks Neighbors Of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn (Photos)


Residents in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, were shocked to find a Halloween display that features impaled baby dolls and other gruesome situations.

Some neighbors were delighted and say it’s all about getting into the holiday spirit, but some claim it’s too scary for young children. The scene is currently on display outside a Brooklyn brownstone home on Bergen Street.

One doll is trapped in a bird cage, while another is chained to a chair with duct tape over its mouth, according to the Daily Mail. There is also another doll that’s emerging out of a bigger doll with bloody wound in its belly – like a scene out of one of the “Alien” films.

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Other dolls were in what was described as a torture chamber with a frightening pumpkin-headed surgeon operating on a bloody baby doll, hooked up to an IV.

“Maybe it’s an artistic expression, and maybe she has something important to say,” said Doug Brooks of Boerum Hill told CBS 2.

The display was set up Sunday evening, and has drawn controversy and sometimes admiration from people ever since.

CBS 2 reported that some residents labeled it as “demonic,” while others have questioned how appropriate it is for holiday that is celebrated by so many young children.

“That’s the part that gets me,” said Junie Futrell of Boerum Hill. “In light of everything going on in today’s world, I don’t know how tasteful this is.”

“It’s Halloween,” added Meg Allan Cole of Boerum Hill. “It’s supposed to be scary.”

According to public records, the person who lives in this house is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and someone who decorates the home for Halloween each year.


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