Shark Eaten Whole By Grouper Fish (Video)

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A new video uploaded to YouTube shows a shark being eaten by an Atlantic goliath grouper.

The footage was uploaded on Tuesday and shows two people on a fishing boat who were fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs. Suddenly, a shark bites their bait and the two men try to reel it in. However, a much larger fish, a 4-foot grouper, arrives and swallows the shark in one gobble.

The Goliath grouper is commonly and insensitively called a “jewfish” because it jumps out of the water and helps itself to a meal in one bite. The fish’s mouth and gills create a powerful sucking system that allows it to swallow prey in a single gulp instead of chewing it.

The grouper is a protected species in the U.S. and must be returned to the water if caught.

“There’s always a bigger fish,” one commenter notes.

Within the last 48 hours since it was published, the video has accumulated some 2.7 million views.

Sources: TheBlaze, UPI


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