Group Of Kids Pick The Wrong House To Play Ding Dong Ditch At


No question about it, ding dong ditch is an obnoxious game. Anytime a bunch of kids repeatedly ring a doorbell and run off, it’s going to get a few people angry. But regardless of how annoying the game is, there’s no question Florida resident Ashley Crossland got way too upset about it recently.

In January, a young group of boys were playing ding dong ditch in Springfield, Florida. As chance would have it, the boys decided to walk up to Crossland’s home and ring her bell. A furious Crossland quickly came outside following the ring. All of the boys quickly ran off, with most going in one direction, but another, identified as J.D., running the opposite way.

Crossland was way too mad to let the boys get away with the prank. She hopped in her van and started chasing J.D. down the street. She drove on lawns and driveways as she tried to trap the boy. A police report says Crossland nearly hit the boy’s legs during her pursuit.

Eventually she cornered J.D. into a fence. She got out of her van and told J.D. to get into her van or else she would cut him. He got in. Once inside the car, Crossland took out a hunting knife and pointed it at the boy. She reportedly “told him she was going to murder him and slit his throat and his family’s throats.”

The boy said Crossland repeatedly used racial slurs against him during the drive. She demanded J.D. direct her to the house the boys were staying at. Fearing for his life, J.D. complied. The boy reports Crossland punched him on the face and head three times during the drive.

Once at the house that the boys were staying at, Crossland barged inside. She stood in the entryway and yelled at all the boys, threatening to kill them and harm their families. A man who lives at the house came upstairs after hearing Crossland’s screams. He demanded she step outside, and she did. The man called police.

Police quickly identified the furious woman as Crossland. She has now been charged with four felonies including kidnapping, armed criminal action, burglary, and unlawful use of a weapon. She has also been charged with assault and harassment.

In an interview with Springfield Police, Crossland admitted that she “probably called him [J.D.] some things I shouldn’t have” and said her words were “really racist.”

Crossland has prior convictions for felony forgery and felony assault. She seems to have an affinity for threatening to slit throats, too. In her assault case, prosecutors argued that “By committing these offenses and threatening to slit the throats of several individuals, defendant has demonstrated that she is a threat to the victims and this community.”

Sources: News Leader, First Coast News


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