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Human Genitals Reportedly Found In Tuna's Stomach

Fishermen in Tampa, Florida, were shocked to discover human genitals inside the stomach of a yellowfin tuna they had caught.

"It had been unusually quiet," Jerry Masterson, 33, told the Florida Sun Post. "We were convinced we were just going to have one of those days when the fish don't bite, when I felt a big tug on my line."

The tug came from an 80-pound tuna.

"Our luck had finally turned," Masterson said. "I could tell by its strength that it was a big one."

It took time, but eventually Masterson was able to reel it in.

"We were all pretty pleased to finally hook something decent," he said, adding that they immediately got to work filleting the fish.

That's when they made the gruesome discovery.

"I had just made a cut behind the fish's head and through its belly, running the knife down along its spine," Masterson said. "My first reaction was one of disgust, because there was a terrible smell of decomposing meat coming from the fish's stomach."

"Inside the fish's stomach was an awful sight," he continued. "There was no mistaking that I was looking at a man's penis and testicles."

His fellow fishermen were taken aback, including the boat's captain.

"I've been operating fishing charters for 20 years, and I've seen some strange things, but nothing like this," the captain said.

Upon returning to shore, the men presented the fish to the authorities, who have reportedly launched an investigation. Investigators believe a dead body may have been dumped in the water, at which point the fish ate the man's genitals.

Masterson said he thinks the incident will have long-lasting psychological effects.

"I'll definitely be nervous the next time I fillet a fish," he said.

Reports of fish eating human genitals are rare. There are rumors that the pacu, a species of fish related to the piranha, are liable to eat men's testicles. A fact check performed by Snopes concluded that "there are no documented instances of Pacu fish biting men's testicles off."

Sources: Florida Sun Post, Snopes / Photo credit: Daniel Goz via FishTrack

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