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Group Of Bystanders Help Free Police Officer From Burning Car (Video)

A group of people pulled a North Carolina police office from his burning car after he crashed and rolled into a muddy ditch Sunday morning.

In a video recorded by bystander Kathy Hoffman, you can see the patrol car in a drainage ditch, with smoke flowing from the hood. A crowd of people work together to pry open the driver’s side door and pull Officer Ashley McLamb away from his burning vehicle.

"I was getting out and thought, 'What in the world's going on?'" Hoffman told WRAL Monday. Hoffman yells to the rescuers during the video. "It's going to blow! Get him back, get him back."

Hoffman said someone first tried to kick in the car's window, and then several people were able to force open the door.

Terry Joyner told Hoffman that he, his son and another man found a McLamb disoriented in the wrecked patrol car and worked as fast as they could to free him from the wreck.

"We just started snatching the door open till we got through ... and we pulled the door all the way open, and that's when we drug him out," Joyner told WRAL.

Hoffman added, "I asked him, 'Do you know your name?' He said no. 'Can you count 1,2,3?' No. 'Are you hurt anywhere? Can you tell us?' He just really could not talk or respond.”

In April, McLamb was hospitalized after he tried to apprehend four people suspected of robbing a home and was subsequently beaten by them.

"We're very blessed that people in the community were there, they were proactive and that God placed them at the right place at the right time," police chief Hess said.

"I just really hope the gentleman's OK," Hoffman said. "I'd like to find out how he's doing. We all have said prayers for him."

Sources: WRAL, The Blaze


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