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Group of 101 Students Kicked Off Flight for Being Unruly

A group of students going on a school trip to Six Flags in Atlanta from New York were kicked off their Airtran Airlines flight after they were "non-compliant" with the airline's rules. 

Southwest Airlines, owner of Airtran, said the group was disrespectful of the rules by using their mobile devices and not staying seated.

They ended up kicking the 101 students off, delaying the plane's departure time for 45 minutes. 

The students attended Orthodox Jewish high school Yeshivah of Flatbush. They were accompanied by adult chaperones, who told a different side of the story. They claim the students were unruly at first but then complied with the flight attendants' orders.

The adults are saying that the airline overreacted to the group of seniors. 

Teacher Marian Wielgus was one of the chaperones, and is backing up her students. "They certainly did not do what the stewardess was claiming they did. That's what was so bizarre," she said.

Wielgus said the attendants acted "nasty" towards the students and were "overreacting."

But Southwest Airlines isn't budging on its side of the story, saying the students violated federally mandated safety regulations.

Students on the flight said they were not given the chance to turn off their phones or sit down before the attendants asked them to leave. One said they kicked them off because of their Jewish heritage, claiming that the attendants were treating the group like they were terrorists after they realized what their religion was.

Sources: Inquisitr, WGNTV


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