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Florida Airport Employees Fired For Throwing Luggage (Video)

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Three airport workers have been fired after they were caught on video (below) unceremoniously slamming luggage onto a conveyer belt.

The incident happened at Orlando International Airport in Florida when a Virgin Atlantic flight touched down on July 27, reports the Daily Mail.

"Providing safe, secure and excellent customer service is our mission at Orlando International Airport," the Greater Orlando Airport Aviation Authority said in a statement to the Daily Mail. "The incident viewed is not an example of the level of service we strive for. The employees involved have been removed from working at the airport."

The footage shows the luggage handlers lifting suitcases above their heads, throwing them onto the conveyer belt and sending numerous bags hurtling through the air.

"We're aware of a video showing some ground staff at Orlando Airport handling baggage without the due care and attention that we would expect," a spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic said. "We are disappointed to see the footage, and are investigating to ensure this doesn't happen again."

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Matthew Campbell, a 19-year-old from London, England, captured the footage and said that it has put him off from "flying Virgin Atlantic altogether" out of fear that his luggage might get damaged in the future.

"I filmed it so that people know how airport staff handle their suitcases," he added. "I think Richard Branson would be disgusted if he knew the way the luggage on his flights are being treated."

Campbell said that another time, his hard shell suitcase cracked when he flew to Houston, Texas, and he now knows why.

"I saw it out of the window and I couldn't believe it," he recounted of his Florida landing. "It was ridiculous. They were throwing the bags and I wouldn't be surprised if people's suitcases and belongings were broken by the way they were hurling them. I had to film it for evidence. I'm not sure why they were behaving that way. Maybe it's because they work long hours and were tired, but either way it shouldn't be allowed to happen."

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Numerous airport employees across the world have been fired over the years after getting busted flinging, slamming and dropping suitcases -- especially when these acts are caught on video. Most notably, five handlers were fired from the airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2015, and two Air Canada employees were suspended from working at a Toronto airport after viral videos of both incidents circulated, notes The Globe And Mail.

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