Woman’s Wedding Day Gets Chaotic After New Husband Is Arrested (Photos)


Police arrested a groom and two other men at a wedding on Monday after the newlywed was accused of harassing a pregnant waitress and then got into a drunken fight with the woman’s boyfriend.

Groom Mark Williams, 33, had only been married for a few hours when he allegedly touched a waitress multiple times and tried to make her drink alcohol, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The waitress then reportedly called her boyfriend and told him about the incidents before the wedding cruise they were on docked, and he came to pick her up early Monday morning. When he arrived, he and Williams got into a fight, along with Williams’ 35-year-old brother, David, and a member of the bride’s party, 31-year-old Brian Alvin Taylor.

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David Williams is a state police officer but was off-duty at the time of his arrest. Taylor is a member of a local school board.

Mark Williams and Taylor were charged with disorderly conduct, riot, public intoxication and harassment, as well as resisting arrest. David Williams was charged with riot, resisting arrest and assaulting two officers. When Taylor was arrested, he reportedly punched out a window and told police he was HIV positive.

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Police did not arrest the waitress’s boyfriend.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


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