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Groom Arnoldo Jimenez Wanted for Murder of New Bride Estrella Carrera

In Burbank, Illinois, Arnoldo Jimenez is now a suspect in the stabbing death of his bride Estrella Carrera, who was found dead in a bathtub wearing her wedding dress, from just a few hours earlier in their ceremony, as reported by Opposing Views.

Capt. Joseph Ford of the Burbank Police Department told The Associated Press: "It was a very brutal killing. We do our jobs every day, of course. But something like this really motivates you to work even harder."

After Jimenez and Carrera were married at Chicago's City Hall on Friday, they enjoyed dinner with friends at a restaurant and then went to a nightclub, where they were last seen at 4 a.m. Saturday.

Carrera, a mother of two small children, was found dead in her apartment on Sunday, after her sister failed to contact her.

While the marriage was a surprise to family and friends, the violent relationship was well-known, as there had been incidents of violence during their dating.


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