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Man Attacks Toddler's Face At Supermarket (Photos)

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An English couple was horrified after a stranger reportedly dug his fingernails into their son’s face at the supermarket.

Chris Scutt and his wife Jen of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England, had been shopping at a Tesco supermarket on May 10 when a man attacked the face of their 15-month-old son, Alvis, SWNS reports.

"I was just pushing my son along when the next thing I saw this hand launch past me and it grabbed hold of my son’s face and tried to rip it off," Scutt, 38, said. "I had to [pry] the hand off Alvis’ face, which was covered in blood."

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Scutt said he was about to hit the man who injured his son when he realized the person had learning disabilities, the Daily Mail reports. According to police, the assailant should not have been around children.

"The man who attacked our son had a carer with him, who did nothing during the assault and afterwards put him in the car with a second carer, before coming into store to give full details," Scutt added, according to the Daily Mail.

The toddler was rushed to Clacton Hospital, where he received antibiotics given to patients who have suffered from dog bites.

"He is going to be left scarred as you can already see from where some of the scabs have fallen off," Scutt said, according to SWNS.

Although Alvis received 11 scratches, many of which were around his eyes, the family said they know the situation could have turned out much worse.

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"Jen is devastated, her perfect son may be scarred mentally and physically after this assault," the father said, the Daily Mail notes. "We are lucky in one respect as he could have had his neck broken or eye pulled out."

Essex police is reportedly investigating the family’s case.

According to SWNS, a spokesperson for Cephas Care, the care home where the man resides, stated: "We take very seriously our role in the care and safety of the people we support. […] At the time of the incident we did involve the safeguarding team at the local authority and we continue to work closely with them and the investigating police officer.”

Sources: Daily Mail, SWNS / Photo Credit: SWNS, Cascade News via Daily Mail

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