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Grocery Store Chain Bans Sale Of Eggs To Minors During Halloween Week

One grocery chain won't be selling eggs to minors during Halloween week.

At Redner's Warehouse Market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, employees are not selling eggs to anyone under the age of 18 until Nov. 2.

According to a user on Reddit, the sign reads: "Due to safety concerns we are not allowing the purchase of eggs by minors Oct. 24 through Nov. 1."

Signs stating the policy have been posted at entrances. Pete Bourey, assistant store director, said the policy has been in effect for at least the eight years he's been at the store, reports Lancaster Online. Bourey said he has not received any complaints about the egg sale ban, nor has he noticed a change in the sales of eggs during this time.

Bourey explained that when adolescents buy eggs during the week leading up to Halloween, "there's usually not a good outcome."

"They have the dates posted that they're not selling eggs to minors for safety concerns. Come on. Really? I mean it's an egg," Wayne Mackiewicz told Fox 29 News after seeing a sign posted inside the market.

Several redditors were also amused by the "safety concerns" claim. "Buy them in September so they’re nice and rank when you throw them," advised user NotASkeleton. MrHolmes88 added, "A great idea, until everyone gets egged by 2 week old rotting eggs."

The egg sale ban to minors is a chain-wide policy for the  grocery store, which is based in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has 44 markets and 19 "quick shoppes" in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ephrata Police Chief Bill Harvey said using eggs for Halloween pranks isn't "a big thing" in the area, and the supermarket policy may remove the temptation to partake in this particular activity.

"I don't want to see anyone become a victim over pranks," the police chief explained to Lancaster Online. "I just want everyone to enjoy the holiday weekend that it is, and if you're going to participate, do so responsibly."

Bourey said if he sees egging pranks around the region, "we can know that at least we did our part to prevent that."

Sources: Lancaster Online, Yahoo News, Reddit, Fox 29 News / Photo credit: Reddit


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