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Grieving Widow Recieves Incredible Support After Announcing Pregnancy At Husband's Heartbreaking Eulogy

A grieving widow found out she was pregnant the day before her husband’s funeral after struggling to conceive for seven years.

Kristy Kirchner and Royce Kirchner, had been together for 10 years. They were working on building their dream home together and starting a family. Kristy decided to share their journey to parenthood on a humorous YouTube channel, ConcieveABaby. After years of struggling to conceive and saving enough money, the couple decided to undergo IVF treatment. Soon after, tragedy struck.

On Oct. 8, Royce, 35, was driving home when his car flipped and collided with a tree only 10 minutes away from the couple’s Mount Archer home in Central Queensland. He died instantly. Kristy announced that she was pregnant at the eulogy.

To make matters worse, the couple had cancelled Royce’s life insurance plan two weeks before the accident, leaving Kristy with a staggering amount of debt. And so, the YouTube channel Kristy once used to document her hopeful journey towards raising a family with her beloved husband became a platform she uses for emotional support after a devastating loss.

"For me, YouTube is just like a diary,” Kristy told A Current Affair. “I just find comfort in people helping me work through my feelings.”

But this is not the only type of support Kristy is receiving from the generous people of the Internet. Friends and family started a website to help Kristy raise funds for the funeral and IVF bills, even to help with her mortgage. The website raised $16,000 in only 22 days.

A Current Affair also heard about Kristy’s struggles and offered a full renovation to transform her home into the dream family cottage she and her husband dreamed of.

The incredible amount of support Kristy is receiving has left her overwhelmed with joy and newfound hope. Despite losing her husband, she says that her unborn child, whom she named Pacey, has saved her life.

In a recent YouTube video, Kristy said, “It’s getting harder … The feelings are overwhelming, the pain is unbearable, and I feel so much for little Pacey, who is so tiny and shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of such a horrible start to life.”

"Right now this baby … my dream and Royce’s dream is my reason for living,” Kristy continued. “I will find a way because I want Pacey to feel his or her Daddy’s presence, and there is nowhere in this world stronger than the home he had such big dreams for.”

Sources: Daily Mail, A Current Affair / Photo Credit: Pix A Bay


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