Father's Heartbreaking Video Warns About Synthetic Marijuana After His Son Died From Taking One Hit (Video)


A mother and father in California are trying to honor their deceased son by warning others about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.

Back in July, 19-year-old Connor Eckhardt slipped into a coma after taking one hit of synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as "spice." Eckhardt’s family was shocked and devastated by the loss of the promising teen, but now, they are spreading a message, hoping to stop people, especially youths, from experimenting with the dangerous drug.

“In a moment of peer pressure, he gave into that, thinking that was OK, it was somehow safe, and one hit later, he goes to sleep and never wakes up,” said Connor’s father Devin Eckhardt.

This week, Devin recorded a video message at his son’s gravesite in the hopes of sending a message to both teens and parents about what could happen if they decide to use the drug.

“I'm standing here at your graveside, Connor, and I can't believe this is true,” Devin said in the clip to his deceased son. “I look at this stone and I see your name on it, and I just think, ‘This can't be where things are, this can't be my life,’ and at any minute you're gonna call, or you're gonna come bounding up on you skateboard with that chuckle in your laugh and that this nightmare will end. And I know you’re not here, I know you’re with Jesus, and I think that's the only reason we can go on and yet, I got a massive hole in my heart cause I miss you so much.

“But one hit of Spice and it changed everything, not just for you but for us, for you mom and your sisters. It's the worst nightmare ever,” Devin continued in the heartbreaking clip. “‘If you think Spice and synthetics are some okay kind of drug, somehow this won't happen to you, don't fool yourself. We have to take a stand. We got to change things. This shouldn't be. Our lives are forever changed. Don't let what happened to us happen to you.”

A Facebook page was set up to help the Eckhardt family share Connor’s story and raise more awareness of the dangers of the drug.

Sources: Daily Mail, My Fox LA, KTLA


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