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Gretchen Carlson: Women Can't Wear Pants On 'Fox & Friends'

Former Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson revealed this week that she wasn’t allowed to wear pants on the show.

Carlson, who will soon appear on a new one-hour daytime show on Fox News, told former co-host Brian Kilmeade’s radio show Thursday that no one would recognize her because she was wearing pants.

“Guess who just walked in? If you’re watching, if you have the podcast, Gretchen Carlson’s in, dressed casual kind of. Very nice,” Kilmeade said.

“Nobody’s going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants!” Carlson exclaimed. “Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends. Remember?”

“Yeah, what happened with that?” Kilmeade wondered. “I have jeans on, Brian!” Carlson added. “Welcome to the new Gretchen.”

“You might be the jeans show,” he said. “Might jeans be a requirement?”

“This is something that you always said on Fox & Friends, you always liked to be shirtless.”

“Right,” Kilmeade agreed.

“And sometimes you actually suggested that for me,” she laughed.

On 'Fox & Friends' Carlson had to sit on a sofa with her two co-hosts, leading to a number of compilation Youtube videos of her more "leggy" moments.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, formerly of The View, replaced Carlson on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Hasselbeck made waves this week when she suggested that the Navy Yard shooting is not evidence that we need stricter gun laws, but rather that we need monitor video game purchases and the amount of time spent playing them.

Sources: Politico, Raw Story


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